About Us

New Horizon Digital Operations EOOD, was founded on June 2018.

Main goal of the company is providing the most reliable score and result predictions for sports bettors by working with the best data analysts and bet tipsters around the world as well as offering sports and statsitics feeds and APIs for web sites and applications.

With nearly zero downtimes, minimum costs and carefully analysed data; we aim to transfer the tipster and bet prediction industry to a more reliable and trustworthy community.

Data used for calculations have been collected through the past ten years while also the system gathers live scores simultaneously as the matches are bing played. With this great statistical data, our algorithms, created by the best tipsters around the world, calculates the most reliable predictions based on statistics.

Although chance is always a priority in all kind of sports events; we try to find the answer of one big question:

“What would be the result if the chance factor is 0.”